Happy Dog Takes on the World: Venezuela- Corruption, Instability and Economic Crisis

First colonized by Spain in 1522, Venezuela was one of the first Spanish-American territories to gain full independence in 1830. Throughout the next 150 years, under military and dictator rule, Venezuela became one of the world’s leading exporter of oil. Since 1958, the country has had a series of democratic governments but suffered significant political turmoil as […]


Episode 12: Venezuela and Colombia: Tough Realities and Continuing Challenges for U.S. Diplomacy

Guest: Ambassador John Maisto Ambassador Maisto explored the very distinct challenges facing both Venezuela and Colombia. Economic struggles and political discontent plague Venezuela and Colombia is nearing the end of a 52-year war between the Colombian state and the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). As the fragile FARC peace deal rests in the hands […]


Grassroots Democracy and Citizen Participation: A Project for Venezuela

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs will be welcoming visitors from Venezuela for a program entitled “Grassroots Democracy and Citizen Participation” in early October. This program will focus on how organizations, individuals, and candidates prepare for and execute campaigns on a grassroots level. The visitors will learn about civic engagement, outreach, and mobilization within the […]


Venezuela and Colombia: Tough Realities and Continuing Challenges for U.S. Diplomacy

Cleveland Council on World Affairs Presents: A Foreign Policy Forum  Ambassador John F. Maisto is a 33-year former career member of the U.S. Foreign Service, who served as Ambassador to Venezuela (1997-2000), Nicaragua (1993-1996), and the Organization of American States (2003-2006). Join CCWA for our season opener as Ambassador Maisto explores the very distinct challenges […]


Addressing the Needs of Underserved and At-Risk Youth

In June, CCWA welcomes 4 representatives from Venezuela to investigate, explore, and discuss issues relating to at-risk and disadvantaged youth populations. This project will highlight U.S. efforts to expand educational, social, and employment opportunities for these populations while also helping them to avoid crime, violence, substance abuse, and sub-standard academic performance. Participants will have the […]


Entrepreneurship: Expanding the Small Business Network of the Americas

Visitors from Chile, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela will examine the impact of American small businesses on the local, regional, national and global economies.  Of particular focus will be: public-private partnerships and the variety of mechanisms to assist small businesses with capital, credit, training, and support at the federal, state, local and grassroots levels; trends in […]

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