Global Awareness for the Workplace and Classroom



Global education is at the heart of our mission and we love working with learners of all ages. Our global education programs range from school-based student programs to continuing education and professional development. Our global education programs are housed within the Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy Center for Global Understanding.

Global Competency Training

Our Global Competency Training program provides participants tools to strengthen their global competencies, cross-cultural communication skills, and broaden their cultural awareness. This program can be tailored to corporate clients and academic partners alike.

Tailored to specific needs, the program can offer organizations opportunities to improve their employees’ global competencies to successfully do business in an international or culturally diverse setting, or prepare students for future study and work in a global environment.

The objectives are to further participants’ understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary for successful cultural interactions, based on the following components:



Considering culture through the framework of understanding unconscious bias.



Identifying and understanding the universal dimensions of culture.



Learning strategies for cultural interactions that derive from an understanding of underlying cultural dimensions.


CCWA also offers an assessment tool, the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment® (GCAA). The GCAA measures all the researched dimensions of global competence and triangulates participants’ attitudes, people skills and existing knowledge of other cultures to provide a basis for thinking about their readiness to engage cross-culturally.

The GCAA is an online assessment, which takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and provides immediate individual feedback reports directly to participants, which contains individualized direction and resources for improving global competence.

To schedule a customized workshop for your organization or for more information, please contact Elizabeth Colvin, Director of Global Education, at or (216) 255-9002.


When we work with individuals outside the U.S., they come with a different set of cultural norms. We have to meet people where they are. You have to be globally competent in order to do business globally. Since the training, I think more deeply about my engagements with international clients.

Mindy McLaughlin, Team NEO

Global Competency Training Program Participant

Cleveland LEADS


This leadership development program for young professionals explores what it takes to be a leader in an increasingly globalized world and how young professionals can help shape Northeast Ohio through a more global lens.

This 8-week course is designed for young professionals aged 20-35 to explore their own leadership style and how they can become more globally-minded leaders through three program pillars: leadership development, global competency, and international exchange.

Registration for the Fall 2023 Cleveland LEADS cohort has closed. With any questions, please contact Elizabeth Colvin, Director of Global Education, at

Cleveland LEADS


Who Am I As a Leader?

Cleveland and the Global Economy

Social & Political Change Around the Globe

Diplomatic Toolkit in Action

Global Crisis Management

How Culture Affects Worldview

Strategies for a Culturally Diverse World

Reflections for Global Professionals

The difference between a manager and a leader is that a leader is able to adopt a global worldview. Only by becoming more globally-minded and understanding different perspectives are people truly able to lead effectively.


LEADS Program Instructor

Bridges to the World


Our Bridges to the World program brings the world to local classrooms. Through educator professional development workshops and curriculum materials, we empower educators to integrate current events to the curriculum, and inspire students to engage with global issues. Bridges to the World is comprised of three sub-programs:

Professional Development Workshops for Educators

Our professional development workshops train and support educators in teaching globally-oriented concepts and current events in their classrooms, including climate change, immigration and global migration, global health, U.S. foreign policy, and racial justice.

The interactive workshops can be tailored to specific needs of the district/school.

The workshops lead participants through the four stages of global competency, using the Asia Society framework. Participants learn how to engage students in current events and international issues through investigating the world, recognizing the perspectives of others, communicating their ideas and taking action.

The program will provide opportunities to:

  • Build personal relationships with colleagues from across Northeast Ohio;
  • Explore the Choices Program’s resources and approach to teaching controversial international issues
  • Receive other resources that support global education; and
  • Reflect and discuss with peers how to best utilize these resources.

Participants will acquire:

  • The Choices Program Teacher’s set, lesson plans, and resources for engaging students in discussion and project-based learning;
  • Contact hours to be used toward Continuing Education Units (CEUs); and
  • Opportunity to earn graduate credits through Cleveland State University.


We offer CCWA-facilitated experiential learning workshops that bring world affairs to life for local students.


The Global Guides curriculum resources engage students in discussions on global topics of international importance. CCWA offers thoughtfully curated materials, resources, and activities, which can be experienced as a student-led initiative or in a classroom setting.

For more information on Global Guides experiences and curriculum materials, please contact Veronica Ruhe at

It was incredible to collaborate with like-minded educators from diverse backgrounds and different ways of thinking, while focusing on a relevant topics. The collaboration of the participants and the process by which the information was delivered was top-notch.

Kristen Niedzwiecki, CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL

Bridges to the World Participant

Academic WorldQuest

Academic WorldQuest is a national competition in which high school students test their knowledge about international affairs, U.S. foreign policy, and current events.

For more information about Academic WorldQuest, please click the event link to the right, or contact Veronica Ruhe at

An upcoming Academic WorldQuest event has yet to be scheduled – check back here or our events page for more!


Contribute to Global Connections


For a century, the CCWA has brought diverse perspectives on issues of international import to Cleveland. Much of our programming is made possible by the the support of our members and the generosity of our donors. Will you help us continue to create global connections?