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Cleveland International Film Festival: To the Street

April 08, 2021

CCWA is proud to be a community partner again at this year’s Cleveland International Film Festival. Our partner film, To the Street (A La Calle), will be be available for streaming on April 8-20, 2021 during the virtual CIFF. Use the code CCWA to receive a discount when purchasing tickets.

About the film:

The crisis unfolding in Venezuela has been making headlines for years. As violence erupts in the streets, people without food, water, or electricity have been fleeing the country in droves. Unsustainable economic practices compounded by Nicolás Maduro’s authoritarian reign has created the perfect storm for a national catastrophe, and has inspired enormous demonstrations throughout the country, uniting people of all walks of life against the corrupt institutions that hold them down. But standing up has come at a price. Opposition leader Leopoldo López was sentenced to 14 years in prison after “inciting violence” by encouraging people to protest. Thousands more have been incarcerated, injured, and even killed for speaking out against the myth of Maduro’s free and fair elections. While the rising opposition party led by López, alongside Juan Guaidó, the president of the Venezuela’s National Assembly, has gained international support, Maduro has refused to step down, failing to acknowledge the gravity of the humanitarian crisis. Capturing the profound passion and unwavering resistance of the Venezuelan people, A LA CALLE documents this incredible uprising through the eyes of ordinary citizens as they struggle to reclaim their democracy.

For more information about our partner film and the film festival, and to purchase tickets, visit CIFF online. Use the code CCWA to receive a discount when purchasing tickets.


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