Episode 52: Art and International Cooperation: The Bridges Cleveland Helps Build

Panelists included André Gremillet, President and CEO of The Cleveland Orchestra; Heather Lemonedes Brown, Chief Curator of The Cleveland Museum of Art; Yaron Kohlberg, President of Piano Cleveland; and international pianist, Bishara Haroni.  In a partnership with Piano Cleveland, the Cleveland Council on World affairs hosted a panel discussion on the topic of Art and […]


Art and International Cooperation: The Bridges that Cleveland Helps Build

In a world where conflicts most often make our news headlines, the connections that art can create across countries and cultures are perhaps more vital than ever. These connections are multifaceted: sometimes art creates space for unique international partnerships to flourish, sometimes music transcends conflict in ways than no diplomatic effort could, and sometimes art […]


Promoting Best Practices in Museum and Cultural Management

Five museum officials from Slovenia will participate in this project concerning strategies in managing museums and cultural institutions. While in Cleveland, visitors will meet with museum officials and discuss best practices in curation, development and fundraising, and how cultural institutions address historically difficult or controversial topics. International Visitor Leadership (IVLP) Program Each year, over 300 […]

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