The idea of Citizen Diplomacy aims to promote mutual understanding across cultures through people-to-people exchanges. Citizen Diplomats are volunteers who help welcome international visitors who may be experiencing the United States for the first time. At CCWA, Citizen Diplomats open up their homes to host a meal or welcome overnight visitors, or share their professional insight.

By welcoming visitors, you have the opportunity to impart Midwest hospitality among emerging leaders and students from around the world.

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We hosted a teen from Mexico, and it was like she was the teenage daughter we never knew we had! I think this is the most rewarding part of hosting – meeting friends and family from another part of the world that you didn’t even know were missing from your life.”
— Marissa Siebert

“Our family’s lives have been enriched by the truly unique opportunity to host international guests. We would highly recommend it!”
— Fritz and Laurene Heintel

FAQ: Hosting Dinners, Homestays, and Professional Meetings

Welcome international visitors to your home for an evening of dinner and conversation with friends and family, open your home to international visitors or students for an overnight stay, or share your expertise and exchange ideas with the visitors in a professional setting.

Click on the different Citizen Diplomat opportunities below to find the right way for you to engage with our exchange programs, or contact Katie Ferman, Senior Program Officer, at kferman@ccwa.org, for more information about Citizen Diplomacy and CCWA’s International Exchange Programs.

Host a Dinner

Welcome Visitors for Home Stay

Host a Professional Meeting

Become a Volunteer Driver

The Power of Citizen Diplomacy

Engaging in Citizen Diplomacy is a powerful experience for the visitors and the local Citizen Diplomats alike. Read below about the power of Citizen Diplomacy and get inspired for your own life changing experience as a CCWA Citizen Diplomat!

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