Three Steps to a Globally Competent Northeast Ohio

In today’s globalized world, countries, cultures and people are more interconnected than ever before and we must all work collectively to address worldwide challenges. Preparing our community for the new global economic, political and civic environment is imperative. CCWA’s Global Competency Training develops skills needed in today’s global environment.

Our Global Competency Training helps participants to better interact and work with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. The training combines interactive and experiential content to invite participants to shift their thinking – to approach cultural interactions with a more open mind, while offering an understanding of culture that is grounded in intercultural communication research.

We offer three steps for creating a globally competent Northeast Ohio through our training program:

STEP 1   Add Value for Businesses Working Internationally

CCWA’s Global Competency Training supports those working internationally, and companies who employ international professionals. Mindy McLaughlin, Director of International Business Development at Team NEO, participated in our Global Competency Training workshop series and reflected upon her experience: “As a result of the training, I started to think more deeply about my engagements with international clients, and the training highlighted areas for further thought.” Our training prepares the local business community to succeed in the international marketplace with strategies for working more effectively with foreign clients and across diverse teams.

STEP 2   Empower Colleges and Universities to Embrace Diversity on Campus

The Global Competency Training supports faculty who work with international students. Nicole Parker, a Faculty Field Advisor at the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, chose to engage in the training to enhance her own learning and to better assist international students. She noted that “developing global competence is vital in working with international students at the Mandel School. The training provided a high-level, interactive program with well-vetted, high-quality materials that provided a safe space to share thoughts and ask questions without judgement.”

STEP 3   Inspire Local Students to Become Tomorrow’s Globally Competent Leaders

CCWA works with academic institutions to enhance students’ global competency and measure their growth over time. Saint Joseph Academy’s Global Program Director, Alison Morgan, reflected on the incorporation of the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment® into the school’s Global Program. “We are creating a curriculum that inspires students to be leaders in the global society, and the assessment was exactly what we needed. It is crucial to have an awareness of one’s own culture, but also to use your life experiences and knowledge to interact with others in an increasingly globalized world.”

CCWA’s Global Competency Training is modular and can be delivered in a variety of formats. Trainings can include materials tailored to meet an organization’s industry or geographic needs. CCWA can support any organization with this training. To discuss or schedule a customized training, contact Elizabeth Coerdt at


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