Ending Gender-Based Violence

International visitors will travel to Cleveland to review best practices in providing care to victims of violence and the legal process for prosecuting and trying domestic violence cases in court. […]


U.S. Justice System: Protecting Women and Children

Guaranteeing the legal rights of women and children remains a top human rights concern for governments around the world. This multi-regional IVLP exchange featuring 20 law enforcement, governmental, and human […]


Role of NGOs in Promoting Global Women’s Issues

Cleveland has a long-standing history of working toward the continued advancement of women’s rights and gender equality. A rich variety of NGOs and other institutions in Cleveland are dedicated to women’s […]


Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Women’s Economy Empowerment

As part of Asia’s economic boom, women make up nearly half of total business owners. In the majority of countries, migration remains a primary means for securing a livelihood, with […]


Women’s Rights and Countering Domestic Violence

Cleveland will be hosting 10 visitors from Afghanistan for a program focused on addressing and preventing the issue of violence against women.  Visitors come from a range of fields including […]

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