Turkey, a U.S. Ally Adrift: Is a Reversal Possible?

Cleveland Committee on Foreign Relations events are for CCFR members only. In recent years, Turkey has drifted away from its traditional Western allies and problems have developed in U.S.-Turkey relations, as Turkish leadership has become increasingly anti-Western. What are the prospects for Turkey’s re-democratization? How can Turkish relations with the West, including the U.S., improve? Dr. […]


Community Event: Turkey – What Went Wrong and What’s Next

Dynamics of religion, nationalism, and political repression raise concerns for people around the world.  Join John Carroll University for a conversation about “Turkey: What Went Wrong and What’s Next?” to hear more about these contemporary challenges and discuss what each of us can do to help remedy such situations. Sevgi Akarçeşme, MA, Turkish journalist & political […]


Happy Dog Takes on the World: Free Speech and Censorship in Turkey

The past decade has seen Turkey veer from the path of a democracy to authoritarian consolidations of power under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Beginning with the police crackdown on protests over the razing of Gezi Park in 2013 and, mostly recently the jailing of thousands of academics, judges and journalists after a failed coup attempt in July of 2016. […]


Episode 15: Spotlight on Turkey

Guest: Dr. Sinan Ciddi Sinan Ciddi is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, serves as the Executive Director of the Institute of Turkish Studies at Georgetown and is an expert on Turkish domestic politics and foreign policy. Ciddi explored the current political atmosphere in Turkey following the attempted coup in July 2016 and Turkey’s relations with […]


Spotlight on Turkey: Teacher Workshop & International Education Opportunity

This all-day interactive workshop will be a deep dive into the history, politics and the culture of Turkey. Open to full-time high school educators, the workshop will  establish  a strong knowledge of Turkey and will build cultural and global competencies, which can be utilized in the classroom.  Contact hours for license renewal are available. Admission […]


Women in Political and Social Sectors

This project, with participants from Australia, Georgia, Lebanon, Ireland, Vietnam, Iraq, and Turkey, will examine the U.S. experience in supporting women’s contribution to the workplace and public life. Participants will examine private sector and local, state and federal government initiatives and programs that encourage women’s political participation and representation in public office.  They will also […]

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