Countering Violent Extremism-Community Strategies

CCWA will host visitors representing five countries from Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Pakistan and Singapore to examine community-based efforts designed to build strong community resistance to violent extremism and promote tolerance, including community policing and prison rehabilitation programs. Visitors will discuss how different sectors of American society work together to resist violent extremism, including government, academia, […]


Promoting Peace and Tolerance Among Educated Youth

This project for Pakistan will connect visitors to Cleveland resources that will highlight the role of universities in either peace, tolerance, and messaging around anti-radicalization, intolerance, and extremism.  Visitors will meet with government, academic, faith-based, and secular organizations to discuss their role in combating violent extremism especially for vulnerable populations. International Visitor Leadership (IVLP) Program […]


Towards a More Safe and Secure World: Community Engagement and Countering Extremism

Visitors representing 12 countries will be exploring grassroots efforts to stymie violent extremism and promote tolerance and mutual understanding. By getting out into the Cleveland community and engaging with governmental, law enforcement, civil society, and faith-based organizations, visitors will gain insight into a multi-dimensional approach to addressing the underlying conditions that fuel extremism. This program […]

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