Managing Start-Up Incubators for Growth

Through this project, Pakistani visitors will explore start-ups and business incubation in the U.S. and the involvement of both the private and public sectors. Small business in Northeast Ohio is tightly entwined with job creation and empowerment of entrepreneurs. Cleveland’s local community start-up culture will be examined through visits with Flashstarts, ECDI, the Health-Tech Corridors, and […]


Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (A Project for Libya)

The city of Cleveland has been notable for its recent startup activity and economic development especially targeting small businesses. In this program, visitors from Libya will explore the many facets of business development through meetings with university programs, public/private partnerships, banks,  and tech incubators in Cleveland. Visitors will discuss the best methods and practices in […]


Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Women’s Economy Empowerment

As part of Asia’s economic boom, women make up nearly half of total business owners. In the majority of countries, migration remains a primary means for securing a livelihood, with female migrant workers often equalling or exceeding the number of men on the move. However, many end up in poorly paid jobs with no protections, […]

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