Economic Revitalization through Public-Private Partnerships

In this European regional project, visitors from Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland will be traveling to Cleveland to learn how Northeast Ohio is contributing to public-private partnerships in local economic development, including business, infrastructure development, energy, environment, education, and tourism. Meetings with local businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations will examine how […]


The Multi-Stakeholder Model of Cyber Space

Cleveland is home to a robust information and communications infrastructure and cyber security safeguards. For instance, InfraGard, a national Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program, began at the Cleveland Field Office in 1996. Over the course of two days, delegates from Vietnam will explore such public-private information sharing initiatives such as InfraGard along with other […]


Coalition-Building for NGOs

NGO leaders, human rights activists, civil society proponents, and foundation experts from Pakistan will be in Cleveland to explore government-civil society cooperation and how the non-profit sector promotes positive social change. Meetings, site visits, and volunteer opportunities with Northeast Ohio foundations, direct-service organizations, and NGO experts will illustrate the diversity of nonprofits in the U.S. […]


Data Privacy and Protection

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs welcomes visitors from Europe this April for the program “Data Privacy and Protection in the United States.”  The visitors’ experience in Cleveland will illuminate the function of data privacy in public-private partnerships, the roles and responsibilities of the private sector in data security, and the interaction between data protection […]

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