International Exchanges Shape Dialogue for Human Trafficking Prevention

The scourge of human trafficking impacts communities around the world. Billboards found around Cleveland stating “It Happens Here Too” reflect the fact our community is no exception to human trafficking activity. Over 350 trafficking victims have been identified in Greater Cleveland in the past three years alone. The Cleveland Council on World Affairs (CCWA) has […]


Professional Exchange Experience in Cleveland Inspires Change in India

Each year, the Cleveland Council on World Affairs coordinates professional and learning exchanges – sponsored by the U.S. Department of State – for emerging leaders from around the world. As a result of the meetings, conversations, and experiences the international visitors have here in Cleveland, they are inspired to make a difference and take action […]


International Connections Fueling the Soul: A Conversation with Honey Bell-Bey

Through professional and learning exchanges, CCWA facilitates professional meetings with international visitors and their local counterparts. As a result of the meetings, conversations, and experiences that they have here in Cleveland, the international visitors are often inspired to take action in their home communities. CCWA is proud to facilitate these transformative experiences and do our […]


Community Connections – Belarus

The broad public diplomacy goal of the Community Connections program is to contribute to economic and democratic reform while promoting mutual understanding between nations.  Through exposure to U.S. society, personal connections with Americans and intensive programming in the U.S., these goals are achieved. The goal of this three week program is to introduce 10 Belarusian […]

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