Episode 51: The Indo-Pacific “Quad:” Key Concepts and Prospects for the Region

Guest: Tanvi Madan, Director of The India Project at Brookings Institution.  On February 8, 2022, we explored the relatively new Indo-Pacific quadrilateral coalition of Japan, Australia, the U.S. and India and what it means for the region.


The United States and Japan: A Celebration of Cultural and Economic Ties

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs is proud to present “The United States and Japan: A Celebration of Cultural and Economic Ties” at the Cleveland Museum of Art the evening of Thursday, June 6. Please join us for a special forum, “The United States and Japan: 2019 and Beyond,” which will explore the multifaceted relationship […]


Happy Dog Takes on the World: Citizen Participation in the Judicial System in Japan & East Asia

Systems that incorporate juries into the legal decision-making process can significantly impact a country’s political system, political culture, and society. Bodies of average citizens can function as powerful tools in educating, ensuring justice, and enhancing the judiciary’s credibility. They also provide a valuable civic engagement tool that enables self-governance and facilitates checks on individuals, industry, […]


Community Event: Doing Business in Japan

Webinar:  Doing Business in Japan Japan is the third-largest economy in the world and the fourth-largest export market for U.S. goods.  Its citizens are among the highest income earners in Asia, yet many U.S. companies find it challenging to take advantage of the opportunities available in such a high-potential country.  This 60-minute webinar will help […]


Development of Industry in the Era of Information Revolution

Based upon the rapidly growing biotechnology and medical startup sectors, international visitors from Japan will have an opportunity to see firsthand the impact tech innovation has had on industry in Cleveland. Delegates will have an opportunity to connect with the anchor institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic, that provide the means for innovations to flourish. […]


Why Japan Matters to the United States- A Panel Discussion

As the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election draws near, our panel will explore the importance of U.S. engagement in Asia with a focus on Japan, U.S. security and economic interests in Japan and Asia, and why Japan matters to the U.S. and Ohio. Panelists include Marcus Noland, Executive Vice President and Director of Studies, Peterson Institute for […]

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