Science and Technology Entrepreneurship

Visitors from the Bahamas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lebanon, Romania, South Africa, and Namibia will travel to Cleveland to learn the roles of government, private enterprises, professional organizations and universities in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Visitors will meet with advocates and investors involved in recognizing, promoting, and developing science and tech start-ups, while discussing the role […]


Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the United States (Project for China)

Visitors from China will explore the U.S. system of capitalism in a urban environment where private enterprise is supported through a variety of public-private partnerships, academic institutions, and incubator spaces. A program in Cleveland will allow visitors a unique perspective of economic recovery in a “rust belt” city and the promotion of a 21st century […]


Technological Advances in Science, Energy, Health, and the Environment

Two British IVLP participants with professional backgrounds in journalism and STEM policy advocacy will be in Cleveland to explore the wide array of innovations under development here along with understanding the institutions and individuals behind scientific advances. The visitors will meet with the Great Lakes Energy Institute, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Kent State University’s Liquid Crystal […]


Development of Industry in the Era of Information Revolution

Based upon the rapidly growing biotechnology and medical startup sectors, international visitors from Japan will have an opportunity to see firsthand the impact tech innovation has had on industry in Cleveland. Delegates will have an opportunity to connect with the anchor institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic, that provide the means for innovations to flourish. […]


Taking a Tech Startup to the Next Level

According to the Center on Education and the Workforce, 8 million new jobs will be available in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (STEMM) related fields by 2018. Cleveland will be a major player in providing STEM-related jobs, as the City is home to numerous tech startups, accelerators and incubators, STEM high schools, and […]


Science and Technology Education in the U.S.

Cleveland is gaining national recognition for its achievements in transitioning the Cleveland Metropolitan School District into a hub for public STEM oriented schools such as the Cleveland Early College at John Hay School, John Marshall High School, and MC2 STEM High School. Coming to Cleveland to learn about the City’s success with STEM school promotion and […]

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