Sustainable Connectivity: Port Infrastructure

Over $3 billion worth of economy activity is tied to the Port of Cleveland. Through the International Visitor Leadership Program, port operators, managers, and engineers from Indonesia will have an opportunity to visit Cleveland’s freshwater port and examine effective management of port operations. Visitors will also meet with developers and trade experts to see firsthand […]


China’s Growing Role in the World Economy

Cleveland Committee on Foreign Relations events are for CCFR members only. Launched in 2013, China’s Belt and Road Project is funding infrastructure throughout the developing world and building new alliances. David Dollar, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, will explore this immense project, what it means for China’s economic future and what options the U.S. has […]


The Multi-Stakeholder Model of Cyber Space

Cleveland is home to a robust information and communications infrastructure and cyber security safeguards. For instance, InfraGard, a national Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) program, began at the Cleveland Field Office in 1996. Over the course of two days, delegates from Vietnam will explore such public-private information sharing initiatives such as InfraGard along with other […]


Improving the Management of Municipal Sold Waste: A Project for Indonesia

Waste management systems are not something that is typically thought of when considering human services, yet it is critically important to any city’s infrastructure. The government of Solo City in Indonesia has been under immense pressure to improve its waste management functions and government officials will be exploring creative solutions to this topic while in […]

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