Education and Technology in the U.S.

Higher and secondary education officials and English-language instructors from China will be traveling to Cleveland to learn about the role of communities, civil society, and parents in advancing education reform. Visitors will develop a better understanding of U.S. education and technology resources within schools. Meetings with local non-profit organizations, businesses and schools will take a […]


Academic Integrity in the U.S.

An important focus among the administrators, professors, and students from the 30 plus institutes of higher learning in Northeast Ohio is to promote high standards of academic integrity. In this project for Moldovan higher education officials, common challenges in enforcing and deterring academic misconduct will be examined. A full day on Case Western Reserve University’s […]


U.S. Higher Education and Accreditation

According to a report from the Institute of International Education, the Near East and North Africa region has the fastest growing international student population, with an increase of 20 percent in students enrolled in U.S. higher education. Despite this, the country of Algeria does not recognize the validity of degrees from U.S. colleges and universities. […]


Workforce Development and Alternatives in Higher Education

This project, with representatives from Morocco, Oman, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, will examine the role vocational education plays in providing Americans with training and skills tailored to fit targeted employment needs.  The group will be in Cleveland to see, firsthand, how increased investment in community college education impacts youth and life-long learners; the evolution of higher […]

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