Civil Society Activism: A Project for Mozambique

Creating a healthy multicultural city requires civic engagement to promote ethics, civil rights, and tolerance. That is why the Cleveland Council on World Affairs is proud to welcome visitors from Mozambique for a program entitled “Civil Society Activism” in early November. This program will focus on expanding civil society, promoting democracy, and advancing an engaged […]


Grassroots Democracy and Citizen Participation: A Project for Venezuela

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs will be welcoming visitors from Venezuela for a program entitled “Grassroots Democracy and Citizen Participation” in early October. This program will focus on how organizations, individuals, and candidates prepare for and execute campaigns on a grassroots level. The visitors will learn about civic engagement, outreach, and mobilization within the […]


The U.S. Experience in Combating Corruption

Five detectives from Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau will be in the United States on a 21-day program to explore U.S. approaches to combating public corruption. Through this national program, to include Cleveland, they will place particular emphasis on studying practical approaches for detecting, investigating, and prosecuting corruption. An overview of the criminal justice system, with a […]


Local Governance in the U.S.

Seven Indonesian visitors will be in Cleveland to study our city and county governments and learn about various grassroots initiatives to promote democratic government processes. While here, they will focus particularly on accountability and transparency in government and how fiscal responsibility helps ensure governments uphold these standards. Visitors will meet with a South Euclid councilman […]

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