Promoting Best Practices in Museum and Cultural Management

Five museum officials from Slovenia will participate in this project concerning strategies in managing museums and cultural institutions. While in Cleveland, visitors will meet with museum officials and discuss best practices in curation, development and fundraising, and how cultural institutions address historically difficult or controversial topics. International Visitor Leadership (IVLP) Program Each year, over 300 […]


Global Gauntlet 2018: CCWA’s World Trivia Challenge

Mark your calendars for an evening of world trivia, food, and prizes! Join us on Thursday, April 19th for our second annual Global Gauntlet World Trivia Challenge! Teams of up to four compete to answer questions that test your knowledge of international affairs, current events, and foreign policy. This event raises money for our education initiative, […]


Increasing Fundraising Self-Sufficiency of NGO’s Working with Stigmatized Groups

On July 2nd, the Cleveland Council on World Affairs will welcome members from six Russian humanitarian NGO’s for a program entitled “Increasing Fundraising Self-Sufficiency of NGO’s Working with Stigmatized Groups.” The program will allow visitors to explore methods used by their U.S. peers who have encountered and overcome similar fundraising obstacles. While in Cleveland, the […]

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