Accountability and Transparency in State and Local Government

CCWA will be hosting six visitors from the Southern and Central Asian countries of Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The program in Cleveland will outline the role and structure of ethics in government in the United States, similarities and differences in approaches of ethical conduct between government and the private sector in […]


Academic Integrity in the U.S.

An important focus among the administrators, professors, and students from the 30 plus institutes of higher learning in Northeast Ohio is to promote high standards of academic integrity. In this project for Moldovan higher education officials, common challenges in enforcing and deterring academic misconduct will be examined. A full day on Case Western Reserve University’s […]


Transparency and Accountability in Government

Ten IVLP participants representing eight Latin American countries will travel to Cleveland to examine governmental transparency challenges and efforts to improve public accountability. Using the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal involving the former county commissioner as a case study, visitors will meet with the county’s Inspector General and NGOs that have empowered citizens to actively engage […]


Responsible Global Investing

Addressing the international efforts to strengthen the integrity of governments and businesses, this IVLP delegation from the People’s Republic of China will be in Cleveland to explore perspectives on business ethics and strategies to reduce corruption. Over the course of six days, visitors will meet with well-known leaders in corporate social responsibility including the Greater Cleveland […]

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