The Myth of China’s Might – And What it Means for America

Cleveland Council on World Affairs Presents: A Foreign Policy Forum  Jeremy R. Haft, a 20 year veteran of the China market, adjunct professor at Georgetown University, and CEO of SafeSource Trading, an export trading firm, will discuss the rise of China and its true economic might. With U.S. security concerns in Asia influenced by China’s […]


Accountability and Combating Corruption

In the midst of an economic rejuvenation from its “Rust Belt” days and an ongoing political renaissance, Cleveland has strong resources focused on all aspects of governance, ranging from promoting efficiency and transparency to the role of media in engaging the citizenry. In light of recent events, promoting transparent public relations with law enforcement officials […]


Economic and Business Reporting Skills for Journalists

While India’s vibrant media remained the freest in South Asia in 2014, press freedom in the country was threatened by several factors, including a series of legal actions against journalists and editorial interference by media owners in the run-up to the May national elections. Continued violence against journalists, attempts at surveillance, and blocking of news […]

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