Transparency and Accountability

CCWA will be hosting five Belarusian political scientists, researchers, bureaucratic officials, and governmental executives on an International Visitor Leadership Program exchange that aims to augment good governance practices in Belarus. The professional program in Cleveland will highlight the role of “Sunshine Laws” in promoting transparency, data sharing between public and private sectors, and best practices […]


Community Connections Belarus: Expanding Civic Participation

In September, CCWA welcomes 10 nonprofit professionals from Belarus who are here to examine the topic of expanding civic participation and how public-private partnerships, in conjunction with community engagement, fuel a city’s growth and development. This will be the third consecutive year CCWA has hosted this program through USAID and World Learning. A critical component for the success […]


The Role of Public-Private Partnerships in Promoting STEM Education

Cleveland will host 6 leaders from Belarus for discussions about how governmental and educational institutions in the United States work with private sector partners to improve and upgrade the status of STEM fields.  Discussions will focus on how to best prepare students with skills for a changing economy and highlight effective undergraduate and graduate STEM education […]


Community Connections – Belarus

The broad public diplomacy goal of the Community Connections program is to contribute to economic and democratic reform while promoting mutual understanding between nations.  Through exposure to U.S. society, personal connections with Americans and intensive programming in the U.S., these goals are achieved. The goal of this three week program is to introduce 10 Belarusian […]

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