Episode 10: Jennifer Clinton

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Guest: Jennifer Clinton, President Global Ties, U.S.

Jennifer Clinton joined us to discuss Citizen Diplomacy and the role of exchanges in building diplomacy and democracy. Clinton is the President of Global Ties U.S. and has devoted her career to the fields of international education and business because of a deep passion for bridging cultures, people, and ideas. Jennifer is most known for developing and implementing strategic direction for organizations and loves helping individuals and nonprofits realize their full potential. As President of Global Ties U.S., she has worked to help strengthen the reach and capacity of member organizations, particularly in the areas of board governance, partnership and resource development, and strategic communications. She has also led a comprehensive effort to raise awareness in Congress and the public about the importance of public and citizen diplomacy, and bring cross-cutting sectors together to use international exchange programs as a key tool for building a more peaceful, prosperous world.

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