CCWA’s Academic Partnerships Prepare Future Leaders for Today’s Global Society

CCWA offers academic partnerships to help local schools and universities inspire students to develop a curiosity for the world beyond their immediate environment. Thanks to CCWA programs, students can build awareness of and interest in global issues, as well as the skills and competencies to successfully work, learn and live in our increasingly global world.

Here are our top three reasons why we love working with local schools:


Our student programs are structured to support developing students’ global competencies and to spark students’ curiosity and interest in world affairs. “At Saint Joseph Academy, we try to encourage our students to be critical thinkers. CCWA’s Model UN encourages this. Students have to look at things from an unfamiliar perspective, or someone else’s perspective. This allows students to learn how to be more compassionate toward other views as well as reflect on their own views. MUN helps with our mission of not teaching our students what to think, but how to think,” reflects Saint Joseph Academy’s Model UN teacher Lisa Lesh.


By working in partnership with local educators and school administrations, we are able to inspire hundreds of students to engage with world affairs. Our educator programs give local teachers curriculum resources, and create a space for them to reflect on global education strategies and classroom implementation with their peers. “We live in a very interconnected world and as we are seeing firsthand with the pandemic, we cannot do this alone. Working together is a necessity for our security as well as for peace. Globalized education can help students understand this and hopefully change a mindset”, reflects Lisa Lesh. Her colleague Alison Morgan, who spearheads their school’s Global Program continues: “Our goal is to inspire students to be leaders in the global society. In doing so, we want our students to be change agents and collaborators. I’m grateful for CCWA for being such a wonderful partner with Saint Joseph Academy in such a supportive capacity as we are developing our Global Program.”  


We want to make global issues alive for local students and educators. Lisa Lesh emphasizes the importance of connecting what students learn in the classroom to the world outside school: “Through awareness, students become better global citizens. CCWA programs enhance skills necessary for life outside of the classroom. The skills students gain through CCWA programs are essential for the next level of their education, the workplace and the world. Through CCWA, our students have had the opportunity to hear speakers that have brought what they are learning in their classes to life. These opportunities have connected them to the events, issues, and topics they are learning about to the real world, where these things are happening.”

Our partnerships support both students and teachers in global education. Our programs are based on a global competency framework that is aligned with broader learning goals in Ohio schools. CCWA loves working with students, and we are proud to be a part of the learning journey for the next generation of Northeast Ohio leaders.


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