Women as Political and Community Leaders

Women in Cleveland have long been civil rights and equal rights leaders in a wide range of fields from law and civil society to politics and aviation. In order to explore the important contributions of today’s women in both the public and private sectors, IVLP participants from Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the […]


Leadership Development for Women

In order to advance humanitarian and relief efforts in Haiti, the support for women leaders in politics, business, and civil society is critical in bolstering development and inclusive decision-making. While in Cleveland, five emerging Haitian leaders–including a promoter of women political rights and a manager at a clean water bottling facility–will meet with a wide-array […]


Women in Political and Social Sectors

This project, with participants from Australia, Georgia, Lebanon, Ireland, Vietnam, Iraq, and Turkey, will examine the U.S. experience in supporting women’s contribution to the workplace and public life. Participants will examine private sector and local, state and federal government initiatives and programs that encourage women’s political participation and representation in public office.  They will also […]

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