Accountability and Combating Corruption

In the midst of an economic rejuvenation from its “Rust Belt” days and an ongoing political renaissance, Cleveland has strong resources focused on all aspects of governance, ranging from promoting efficiency and transparency to the role of media in engaging the citizenry. In light of recent events, promoting transparent public relations with law enforcement officials […]


Promoting Social Change through the Arts

Using the arts in a constructive manner for positively influencing populations and their behavior can emerge in a variety of ways. CCWA will be welcoming leaders from Afghanistan, Bahamas, Haiti, Indonesia, Israel, Nicaragua, Norway, and Turkey for a multi-regional project that will investigate social change through the arts. Participants will explore the geographic, ethnic, and […]


Trade and Finance: Latin America and the Global Economy

In support of the 2014 Summit of the Americas and its call for action, this project will examine the U.S. economic system and the domestic economic forces that influence U.S. trade policy and the policy making process itself. Participants from Bolivia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela will explore trends and patterns […]


Science Education and Promotion in the U.S.

From June 20 – 28, 2016, CCWA will welcome 4 educators from the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences for a program focused on understanding various methods and activities that promote and popularize science.  The participants will meet with various science centers and science festival organizers to examine how educators popularize the sciences, how such organizations are formed, […]


Addressing the Needs of Underserved and At-Risk Youth

The economic and civic marginalization of youth populations poses challenges for societies and threatens the stability, security, and prosperity of nations. In support of the 2014 Summit of the Americas and its call for action on continuing and new challenges in the hemisphere, this project will focus on U.S. efforts to expand educational, social, and […]

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