The Contemporary U.S. Economy: Financial Markets, Trade, and Economic Development

Ohio’s recent boom in exports over the last five years embodies the U.S. government’s efforts to boost small businesses in the global economy. In 2013, Ohio exported a record-breaking $50.5 billion of finished goods, with the largest share coming from Greater Cleveland. Numerous small businesses benefit from legislation that increases their access to international markets, […]


ASEAN: Port Security and Trade Safety

This project supports the development of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and fosters an understanding of the beneficial role this multilateral organization can play in the stability and prosperity of the member states.  Participants from Brunei, Burma, Indonesia, and Singapore will come to Cleveland as part of a national program to explore the economic […]


TTIP: Trade and Economic Development

In 2013, President Obama and leaders from the European Council and European Commission announced that the US and EU would begin negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement. TTIP is a comprehensive trade agreement that seeks to strengthen trade and investment ties between the US and the EU, increase economic growth, promote […]


Trade and Finance: Latin America and the Global Economy

Latin America and the United States are closely interlinked in terms of trade. As of August 2014, U.S. producers were exporting three times more to countries in Latin America than to China; similarly, Central America and South America purchase 50% more goods from the United States than the Chinese. Including Mexico, total trade in imports […]

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