Happy Dog Takes on the World: The Origins of ISIS and its Place in Political Islam

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has emerged as the most  terrifying and brutal of extreme jihadist groups in the Middle East. It  controls hundreds of square miles, all the way from Syria’s  Mediterranean coast to the south of Baghdad in an attempt to establish an Islamic caliphate or state. In recent weeks, […]


Episode 1: The Threat of Isis

CCWA kicks off our 2014-15 season with a timely examination of the situation in the Middle East. Until recently, ISIS (the Islamic State) was an unknown entity.  Now ISIS is headline news and a greater threat to the world than Al-Qaida.  ISIS’ ambition is to establish an Islamic caliphate.  Can they be stopped?  What can the U.S. and our NATO allies do to stop these extremists? Dr. James Zogby will discuss conditions in the region and prospects for success in destroying ISIS.


2014 Annual Meeting

Our annual celebration of the previous year’s accomplishments and action will feature a keynote from University President Barbara Snyder, who will address a range of issues affecting global education and engagement. Barbara R. Snyder became president of Case Western Reserve University on July 1, 2007. Prior to that she served as Executive Vice President and […]

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