NGO Management in the United States

With a number of  NGO’s, Cleveland offers an opportunity for visitors from around the world to explore the diversity of the non-profit sector in the United States. Meetings with local NGO’s and non-profits such as the Cleveland Foundation, Second Harvest & Aespire, and Medwish will provide visitors with a hands-on opportunity to review strategies for […]


Increasing Fundraising Self-Sufficiency of NGO’s Working with Stigmatized Groups

On July 2nd, the Cleveland Council on World Affairs will welcome members from six Russian humanitarian NGO’s for a program entitled “Increasing Fundraising Self-Sufficiency of NGO’s Working with Stigmatized Groups.” The program will allow visitors to explore methods used by their U.S. peers who have encountered and overcome similar fundraising obstacles. While in Cleveland, the […]


Role of NGOs in Promoting Global Women’s Issues

Cleveland has a long-standing history of working toward the continued advancement of women’s rights and gender equality. A rich variety of NGOs and other institutions in Cleveland are dedicated to women’s education and health, including some of the nation’s top health institutions, and focused on growing the role women can and should have as leaders of […]


Science Education and Promotion in the U.S.

From June 20 – 28, 2016, CCWA will welcome 4 educators from the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences for a program focused on understanding various methods and activities that promote and popularize science.  The participants will meet with various science centers and science festival organizers to examine how educators popularize the sciences, how such organizations are formed, […]

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