Technological Advances in Science, Energy, Health, and the Environment

Two British IVLP participants with professional backgrounds in journalism and STEM policy advocacy will be in Cleveland to explore the wide array of innovations under development here along with understanding the institutions and individuals behind scientific advances. The visitors will meet with the Great Lakes Energy Institute, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Kent State University’s Liquid Crystal […]


Role of NGOs in Promoting Global Women’s Issues

Cleveland has a long-standing history of working toward the continued advancement of women’s rights and gender equality. A rich variety of NGOs and other institutions in Cleveland are dedicated to women’s education and health, including some of the nation’s top health institutions, and focused on growing the role women can and should have as leaders of […]


Health Challenges: Kuwait

With approximately 75% of the Kuwait population categorized as either overweight or obese, 25% of the population suffering from Type 2 diabetes, and heart disease and other non-communicable diseases on the rise, Kuwait’s healthcare system faces serious challenges. Despite this, healthcare in Kuwait remains primarily treatment-based, with little emphasis on the public health tenets of […]


The Ebola Epidemic

We are currently in the midst of the worst Ebola outbreak in history. The World Health Organization anticipates nearly 20,000 people will be infected before the outbreak ends. Join Steven Gordon, M.D., Chairman of Infectious Disease at Cleveland Clinic, and Chris Williams, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Pan-African Studies at Kent State University, […]

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