The Contemporary U.S. Economy: Financial Markets, Trade, and Economic Development

Ohio’s recent boom in exports over the last five years embodies the U.S. government’s efforts to boost small businesses in the global economy. In 2013, Ohio exported a record-breaking $50.5 billion of finished goods, with the largest share coming from Greater Cleveland. Numerous small businesses benefit from legislation that increases their access to international markets, […]


Advocating for Human and Civil Rights for Minority Communities

Cleveland has a rich history of championing civil rights and diversity. Cleveland’s African-American community has been a dominant force since the early 19th century, leading to Carl Stokes being elected as one of the first African-American mayors in a major U.S. city. Cleveland also has a bright history of defending civil rights in court and […]


Climate Change and Clean Energy

Global climate change impacts Europe in many ways, including changes in the average and extreme temperature and precipitation, warmer oceans, rising sea level, and shrinking snow and ice cover on land and at sea. In response, the Europe Union, the European Environmental Agency, European national governments, and private companies are making concerted efforts to utilize […]


The European Union and the United States in 2015 – A German Perspective on Political and Economic Challenges

As the European Union’s largest creditor country, Germany has gained a significant role within the EU, both politically and economically. Consul General Herbert Quelle will be discussing Germany’s leadership role in the European Union, and EU’s relations with the U.S. Herbert Quelle is currently Germany’s Consul General in Chicago in charge of the Midwest region. […]


Living in Putin’s Neighborhood

With troubles in Europe’s East only to get worse after Sochi, Damon Wilson will focus on what’s happening on the frontiers of freedom in Europe and Eurasia, and why this matters to the U.S.

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