Makers: Women Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CCWA is excited to be hosting 10 Egyptian educators and technology leaders who are promoting the Maker Movement in Egypt. This project focuses on highlighting how the Maker Movement encourages collaboration and empowerment of women in schools and businesses. As the home of notable makerspaces, including Think[Box] at Case Western Reserve University, visitors will have […]


Promoting Financial Accountability

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs will be welcoming visitors from the Near East and North Africa for the program “Promoting Financial Accountability” in mid-August. Through their visit to Cleveland, visitors will learn about the city’s best practices in regards to the development and implementation of international finance reporting standards, the support of professional organizations […]


The American Language II: Connecting English Teachers to U.S. History and Culture

Cleveland will host four English teachers from Egypt, Georgia, Kosovo, and Ukraine to enhance their understanding of American culture and history, and to showcase the variation and distribution of the U.S. English language. The program will also connect them with educational policy makers at the national, state, and local levels, as well as with language teachers […]

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