Not Your Father’s Latin America: Opportunities, Change, Winners, Losers, Sleepers

Cleveland Committee on Foreign Relations events are for CCFR members only. Amb. John Maisto is a 38-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service and three-time Ambassador, with  postings in Latin America, East Asia and the Pacific, and Washington D.C. at the State Department, the Defense Department,  and  the National Security Council. Amb. Maisto will discuss […]


Export Compliance Training Seminar

This program will provide participants with a solid understanding of Export Compliance under ITAR/EAR, with a focus on Export Control Reform (ECR). It will further provide each attendee with an understanding of their responsibilities in supporting their companies’ compliance program. PROGRAM DETAILS Compliance | Penalties and Administrative Procedures | Procedures Record Keeping Export Control | […]


Youth Entrepreneurship

An IVLP group from Yemen will highlight the social, economic, and political factors that influence and encourage the advancement of private enterprise in the U.S. Meetings, site visits, and hands-on activities will feature public, private, and cooperative efforts that support and facilitate small business development. The group will also discuss methods to improve entrepreneurial skills […]


Global Economic Cooperation and Recovery

CCWA will host a group from multiple countries to learn about fostering economic renewal in depressed and blighted areas, along with local policy responses to global economic trends. They will also examine how to connect university-level research, development, and innovation to economic growth. International Visitors Program  Each year, over 300 professionals from around the world […]


Public-Private Partnerships for Economic Improvement

An IVLP group from Azerbaijan will visit Cleveland to learn how business organizations in the U.S. strengthen cooperation between government and business for the improvement of the business environment. The visitors will also look at coordinated strategies business organizations use for informing law makers of policy concerns, and how they receive feedback from their government […]


Cross-Border Entrepreneurship

CCWA will host a group of visitors from Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan who are in the U.S. to learn about public-private partnerships that strengthen regional economic growth. The visitors will also study export education, production efficiency, and the region’s dependable transportation and shipping services. International Visitors Program  Each year, over 300 professionals from around the […]

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