The Arab Spring: Pathways of Repression and Reform

Cleveland Council on World Affairs Presents: A Foreign Policy Forum  Several years after the Arab Spring began, democracy remains elusive in the Middle East. The Arab Spring that resides in the popular imagination is one in which a wave of mass mobilization swept the broader Middle East, toppled dictators, and cleared the way for democracy. […]


WEAmericas Program for Women Entrepreneurs

In support of the Women’s Entrepreneurship in the Americas (WEAmericas) initiative, launched at the 2012 Summit of the Americas, this IVLP focuses on expanding social and economic opportunities for women entrepreneurs. Participants will examine ways in which the United States fosters the advancement of women in business. They will explore a variety of mentorship, job […]


Happy Dog Takes on the World: The Legacy of World War II, 70 Years Later

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs, the City Club of Cleveland, International Partners in Mission, and the Northeast Ohio Consortium of Middle Eastern Studies (NOCMES), team up to bring you a panel discussion on hot global issues located at the Happy Dog in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood. Seventy years ago, on September 2, 1945, Japan […]


Women in Political and Social Sectors

This project, with participants from Australia, Georgia, Lebanon, Ireland, Vietnam, Iraq, and Turkey, will examine the U.S. experience in supporting women’s contribution to the workplace and public life. Participants will examine private sector and local, state and federal government initiatives and programs that encourage women’s political participation and representation in public office.  They will also […]


Primary and Secondary Education

This project is for a delegation of 10 heads of primary and secondary schools  who are members of the Union of Private Education and Training in Morocco (UEFLM). All the members (but one) are from the Agadir region in southern Morocco. The project was initiated by a former visitor who has promoted the American style […]


U.S. Embassy Exchange

This program welcomes 25 senior level, locally hired professionals working at U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.  Unlike other international visitors through our other State Department programs, these participants are U.S. government employees. The purpose of their trip to the United States is to help participants better understand U.S. foreign policy, government and American […]

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