Means of Effective HIV Prevention

Russia is known for having one of the highest incidence rates of HIV in Europe.  Unlike its neighbors in Western and Central Europe, Russia is home to one of the fastest-growing HIV and AIDS infections in the world. In February, six participants from Russia are scheduled to visit Cleveland for programs related to HIV prevention. […]


Public Health in the U.S.

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs will be welcoming visitors from the People’s Republic of China for the program “Public Health in the U.S.” Through their visit to Cleveland, visitors will learn about best practices regarding STD treatment, advocacy, and inclusive employment; social marketing and public health advertising; and university research and education. Cleveland’s extensive spectrum […]


Vulnerable Populations and Victims’ Assistance

For over 50 years, Colombia was plagued with armed conflict between the government and guerrilla groups. This conflict led to the loss of at least 50,000 lives. For those who have survived this conflict, there is much to be done in terms of progress and rehabilitation. Colombia has an alarming amount of vulnerable populations that […]

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