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We are looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year and engaging with students and schools through Model United Nations. Please check below for conference dates! We will continually update the list of conferences as further dates are confirmed.

Autumn Model United Nations Conference at Case Western Reserve University:
November 17-18, 2022
>Thank you to everyone who attended our Autumn Conference!
>Congratulations to all committee award winners! To see each committee award, please click here.
>Congratulations to our Small School Delegation winner, Laurel School, and our Large School Delegation winner, Beachwood High School.

Lorain Model United Nations Conference at Lorain County Community College:
December 7-8, 2022
>Thank you to everyone who attended our Lorain Conference!
>Congratulations to all committee award winners! To see each committee award, please click here.
>Congratulations to our Small School Delegation winner, All-Saints School, and our Large School Delegation winner, Avon Lake High School.

Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Middle School Conference at John Carroll University:
January 11-12, 2023
>Thank you to everyone who attended our Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Middle School Conference!
>Congratulations to all committee award winners! To see each committee award, please click here.
>Congratulations to our Small School Delegation winner, Harding Middle School, and our Large School Delegation winner, Beachwood Middle School.

Spring Model United Nations Conference at Case Western Reserve University:
March 8-9, 2023
>Registration is now open! Please click here to register.
>Payment and position papers due February 22 at 5:00 PM EST.
>Matrix available here.
>Committees and topics are listed here.

*Conferences are currently being planned for in-person. If anything changes, it will be announced to all registered schools. 

To pay for any of our conferences online, please click here.

Key Conference Instructions:

  • Please download our Delegate Preparation Guide to assist you and your students in your preparation.
  • Reductions in the number of students attending the conference from a school, or the withdrawal of a school from the conference must be made by the close of business 10 business days prior to the conference to be given a refund or adjusted payment amount. Full payment will be required for students or schools who withdraw after this time.
  • Advisers must submit a completed Student Roster Form and Liability Release Form (for every student) two weeks prior to the conference. These must include every individual, students or adult, who will be attending the conference. Individuals without a liability waiver on file will not be permitted to participate. Advisers, parents, and visitors will be required to show identification upon arrival to the venue.
  • You can refer to the Committees and Topics tab to see description of each of the topics offered this year.

If you have questions, please email us at


Students participating in a CCWA Model United National Conference are expected to maintain the highest caliber of professionalism and diplomatic behavior. They are expected to treat conference staff, venue staff, faculty advisors, visitors, and fellow delegates with respect and courtesy. Delegates must maintain professionalism in their speech, behavior, and appearance at all times. It is also expected that students are respectful of the property of our host facility. Delegates who fail to adhere to these standards may be removed from the conference at the discretion of the conference leadership.

Faculty advisors and guests attending a CCWA Model United National Conference are encouraged to oversee, monitor and provide assistance to students serving in their committees. While advisors may not directly interfere with the business of the committee or participate in the negotiation or writing of resolutions, they should make efforts to encourage and protect the educational quality of the experience by providing helpful advice and clarification to their students. Faculty advisors and guests must adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and courtesy toward all conference staff, venue staff, faculty advisors, and students.

All delegates, conference staff, faculty advisors, and guests must adhere to professional clothing guidelines. Delegates whose attire is deemed to be inappropriate by conference staff may be removed from the committee for the remainder of the day.

Appropriate conference dress must conform to Western business attire. This will consist of slacks/skirt/dress, dress shirt/blouse, a tie for men, and dress shoes. A business jacket or blazer is considered to be optional. Sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, hats, and sneakers are considered to be casual and inappropriate for the conference. Clothing that exposes excessive skin or undergarments is considered inappropriate.

The display of national symbols, flags, and pins of a delegate’s representing country is considered to be inappropriate; however, a delegate may display United Nations symbols.

The use of traditional cultural dress is only permitted to students whose native country of origin includes traditional dress as professional business attire.

CCWA Model UN is committed to providing an educational conference environment that is free of unlawful discrimination. CCWA Model UN will not tolerate any instance of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, ancestry, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. CCWA Model UN will not tolerate any instances of harassment, sexual or otherwise, intentional or unintentional. The term “harassment” for all purposes includes, but is not limited to, offensive language, jokes, or other verbal, graphic, or physical conduct relating to the factors listed above.
If any delegate, guest, or staff member believes that they have been the subject of such discrimination or harassment, they must report the incident immediately to the conference director. The director and members of the staff of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs will alert the students’ faculty advisors and investigate the merits of the allegations and act as deemed appropriate.

During the conference delegates are free to use laptop computers and tablets within certain parameters and always at the discretion of the conference staff. Laptops and tablets may only be used during unmoderated caucuses and must be closed and put away during all other times. Delegates must restrict their use of technology to activities that directly relate to the conference proceedings.
If students are found to be using their computers or tablets for reasons other than those deemed appropriate by conference staff, students may first be issued a warning. Upon the second offense, the device will be confiscated by CCWA Model UN staff and placed in the care of the student’s advisor.

Position papers and resolutions used at the conference must be composed entirely of original work. Any act of plagiarism will not be tolerated by CCWA Model UN and may result in removal from the conference.

Only delegates who have submitted completed position papers by the appropriate deadline will be eligible for awards at the conference.

The consumption and or possession of alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances at the conference will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If a delegate is found to possess or consume alcohol, tobacco, or illegal substances, the delegate will be immediately removed from the conference.

Conference attendees are expected to treat the hosting venue, its staff, property, and guests with courtesy and respect. Conference participants will be held responsible for any and all vandalism or damage that they inflict upon conference venue or CCWA property. Excessive noise, rowdiness, roughhousing, throwing of objects, accessing prohibited areas of the conference premises, and/or any unruly behavior will not be tolerated. The conference staff and venue reserves the right to expel participants for these or other disruptions to the safety and wellbeing of other participants or venue guests.

If delegates bring valuables to the conference, they accept full responsibility for these items. CCWA and the venue are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items.

The conference director reserves the right to expel any delegate, delegation, school, advisor, chaperone, or group from the conference at any time due to the violation of or failure to comply with conference regulations or for any other reason deemed appropriate. CCWA Model UN has a zero-tolerance policy concerning alcohol, illegal substances, theft, harassment of any kind, or assault.

During the conference, CCWA staff may take photographs, videos, and interviews of delegates and conference participants. These photos, videos, and interviews may be used by CCWA for promotional, educational, and other purposes. By attending this conference and signing the liability release form, all participants consent to being photographed, videotaped or interviewed by CCWA and to CCWA’s use of these materials in any manner of their choosing.

Registration for any CCWA Model UN Conference must be made by an advisor or teacher. Once the online registration form has been submitted, CCWA staff will assign the country and committee placements for the number of students indicated on the form. While CCWA allows schools to request specific countries and committees for their students, CCWA cannot guarantee that official assignments will match with those requested by the school.

Once CCWA has allocated the committee assignments, CCWA Model UN staff will send an email to the advisor listed on the form with the official assignments listed. The advisor will then have one (1) week to reply back to confirm and lock in their assignments.
CCWA institutes a limit of thirty (30) students per school for each conference, if open assignments remain thirty (30) days prior to the beginning date of the conference, those assignments will be made open to schools wishing to bring additional students to the conference. Due to social distancing requirements, the limit for the Fall Conference in 2021 will be twenty (20) students per school for the conference, but the rule about requesting additional spots remains unchanged for the Fall Conference. The thirty (30) student limit will be reevaluated for the spring semester.

Payment of the conference fees must be made in full prior to admission into the conference. CCWA requests that payment be made in the form of a check, credit card, or purchase order at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of the conference. If payment cannot be secured before the conference, CCWA will accept a purchase order issued by the school. If payment or a purchase order is not received prior to the beginning of the conference, delegates will not be permitted to enter the conference.

If payment has been received, CCWA will issue refunds for schools and students who withdraw from the conference prior to the close of business ten (10) business days prior to the first day of the conference. After this time, CCWA will not issue refunds.

These rules are to be understood as additions to federal, state, and municipal laws and ordinances, participating school policies, venue policies, and common sense. Serious infractions of these rules may result in the expulsion of the individuals involved from the conference at the discussion of the conference director.

All interpretations of conference rules and policies are to be made by the conference director.

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