Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Scholarship

Henri Pell Junod, Jr. Scholarship 2020

Mr. Henri Pell Junod, Jr. funds three scholarships to be awarded to high school students who have participated in one or more of the Cleveland Council on World Affairs’ four high school Model United Nations simulations (Cleveland-Fall, Lorain-Winter, CLEIMUN, or Cleveland-Spring) each school year.  First place will be awarded a scholarship of $1,500, followed by two $1,000 scholarships for second and third place.


Students must submit an essay on the assigned topic (see below), along with a letter of recommendation from a teacher or advisor. The letter must be sent from the teacher or advisor to munsupport@ccwa.org. Essays must include a works cited page. At the top of the essay, please include the following information:

– Student name
– Student address
– Student phone
– Student email
– High school name
– 2019-2020 CCWA conference(s) attended
– 2019-2020 Country/countries represented and the committee(s)

Letters of recommendation should include information on the student’s level of involvement with Model UN, and the expected impact of the scholarship award, in addition to any other information the author believes is relevant.


This year, the United Nations celebrates its 75th Anniversary. What does international cooperation mean to you? How should the United Nations forge its path forward to continually seek to prevent conflict and war? In what ways has Model United Nations changed your views of international cooperation and the future of our world?


Essays should be 2-3 pages in length with 1-inch margins.  Essays must be double-spaced and use 12 point Times New Roman font. Essays must also be free of grammatical and spelling errors.  Applicants are expected to utilize scholarly sources in their essays including books, journal articles, reputable news sources, and organization websites.  Please refrain from using Wikipedia, blogs, and other sources of questionable quality.

Essays should include:

  • An introduction with a clear thesis statement;
  • A clearly and thoroughly developed argument that is interesting and logical;
  • An organized structure that is easy to follow;
  • An argument that is supported by the use evidence and logic;
  • Scholarly sources referenced and cited using the MLA format;
  • A clear and detailed Works Cited page using the MLA format.

The completed essay and recommendation letter are due by 12:00 NOON of Friday May 29, 2020. Essays should be emailed to munsupport@ccwa.org.  A confirmation email will be sent when CCWA Staff process your application.

Letters of recommendation must be emailed (from the author’s account) to munsupport@ccwa.org, subject line “Recommendation for Henri Pell Junod Jr. Essay Contest.”

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