Committees and Topics


The committees below are for our upcoming 2022-2023 Model UN conferences.

The topics and background guides for HRC, WHO, Special Committee on Decolonization, UNDP, COP27, NATO are listed below. These committees will be offered at our Autumn, Lorain, and Jr. Middle School conferences. 

Committees and Topics:

Committee: United Nations Human Right Council (HRC)
Topic A: Detention, Prisons, and Freedom of Movement
Topic B: Accountability for and Prevention of Torture and Inhumane Treatment
HRC Background Guide
Online resources: OHCHR | HRC Home

Committee: World Health Organization (WHO)
Topic A: Awareness and Programs for Adolescent Mental Health
Topic B: Global Healthcare Access
WHO Background Guide
Online resources: WHO | World Health Organization

Committee: Special Committee on Decolonization
Topic A: Implementation of the Declaration on Granting Independence
Topic B: Expanding the Recognition of Non-Self-Governed People
Special Committee on Decolonization Background Guide
Online resources: United Nations and Decolonization | C-24 – Special Committee on Decolonization

Committee: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Topic A: Empowering Youth Economically
Topic B: Preventing Resource Scarcity in Conflict Zones
UNDP Background Guide
Online resources: Home | United Nations Development Programme

Committee: United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27)
Topic A: Education and Public Awareness for Climate Change
Topic B: Regional Adaptation and Implementing Action
COP27 Background Guide
Online resources: COP27 – Home

Committee: North Atlantic Treaty Organization – North Atlantic Council (NATO – NAC)
Topic A: Enhancing Collective Defense
Topic B: Evaluating the NATO-Russia Partnership
NATO – NAC Background Guide
Online resources: NATO – Home

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