Committees and Topics


The committees below are for our upcoming 2021-2022 Model UN conferences.

Committees and Topics for CCWA Autumn, Winter, and Junior Conferences:

Committee: United Nations World Health Organization (WHO)
Topic A: Equitable Vaccine Distribution
Topic B: Preventing Future Pandemics
Online resources: WHO | World Health Organization

Committee: United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
Topic A: Preventing Conflicts Over Water Scarcity
Topic B: Managing Plastic Waste Disposal
Online resources: UNEP – UN Environment Programme

Committee: United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)
Topic A: Economic Impact of COVID-19 on Women and Girls
Topic B: Women in Conflict Zones
Online resources: Commission on the Status of Women | UN Women – Headquarters

Committee: United Nations Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC)
Topic A: Regulating the Spread of Small Arms
Topic B: Preventing an Arms Race in Outer Space
Online resources: Disarmament and International Security Committee – MUNUC

Committee: United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)
Topics: TBA
Online resources: 75th Economic and Social Council

Committee: United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC)
Topics: TBA
Online resources: OHCHR | HRC Home

Committee: United Nations Arab League*
Topic A: Planning for a Post-Oil World
Topic B: After the Uprisings: Moving Towards Political Stability Following the Arab Spring
Online resources: Arab League | UN News

*As this is a specialized committee, member states will be the members of the Arab League.

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