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Model UN is a unique, interactive program that brings world affairs alive for students. Through participation in Model UN simulations, students achieve global learning objectives. They are empowered to investigate the world, recognize different perspectives, communicate ideas to diverse audiences, and apply what they learn creatively during research, debate, and conference time. To participate in Model UN, school teams pick countries to represent in simulations of real UN committees. Adult advisors support students in researching and debating a variety of international challenges and their possible solutions.


CCWA has organized Model UN conferences for area students since 1941, offering students the opportunity to learn about and engage in international affairs in a personal, exciting way. CCWA is pleased to invite you to attend one or more of workshops and/or Model UN conferences this year.

Model UN Conferences

Model UN conferences afford students the opportunity to engage in dynamic, global learning by researching the topics of debate and their country assignments, familiarizing themselves with the history of the United Nations, and becoming fluent in parliamentary procedure and debate tactics. The theme of our conference series this year is “The United Nations and World in Conflict.” CCWA staff have carefully selected committees to focus on issues that affect developed and developing nations alike. Click here to see a full list of our committees and countries available.

CCWA will host three high school conferences and 2 middle school conferences in the 2018-19 academic year along with the Cleveland International Model UN Conference . Click here to see the conference schedule.

Model UN Workshop

Whether you are new to Model UN or a veteran the Workshop is a great way to refresh your memory of parliamentary procedures and get you thinking about Model UN.

CCWA staff will lead interactive sessions and distribute materials for teachers and students on topics such as:

  • Teachers: starting and/or managing a Model UN club; overview of parliamentary procedure and teaching techniques; tips for preparing students to succeed
  • Students: research techniques, overview and application of parliamentary procedure, resolution writing how-to,  tips for debate and making alliances

CCWA staff are also available to conduct individualized workshops and training sessions in schools throughout the year.  These workshops are free of charge and underwritten by generous foundation support.  To schedule a personalized workshop for your students, please contact or call at 216-255-9003

Resources for Model UN Programs

CCWA is offering a wide range of resources for teacher advisors and student delegates alike. Visit the Resources page to explore. Our staff is always available to answer questions, provide resources, and conduct trainings. You are welcome to contact us here if you have any additional inquiries.



The Cleveland Council on World Affairs Model United Nations program is made possible through the generosity of our supporters:


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