Global Competency Training


The Cleveland Council on World Affairs will work with your organization to design a full-day, customized workshop to improve employees’ global competencies. This training improves participants’ intercultural communication and equips participants with skills that will help them to successfully work with partners of different cultural backgrounds.

This interactive training is modular and can be delivered in a full-day workshop or broken down into sessions. The Cleveland Council on World Affairs will customize the training experience and tailor material to meet your needs.

Workshop Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes will differ depending on the audience for the training and may include:

  • Understand one’s own cultural perspective.
  • Identify and gain awareness of underlying dimensions of culture.
  • Recognize the importance of approaching cultural interactions with an open mind.
  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with people from different cultures.

Who Should Participate?

This training is applicable to a broad range of individuals, including those who travel abroad for business purposes and those who come to the United States. Participants may include:

  • Groups or individuals in Northeastern Ohio who work internationally and require training to understand business norms prior their departure to a certain country (i.e., China, Japan, and India).
  • Individuals and companies who employ international professionals, including those with work visas (such as H1B1 or L1), and require training on the nuances of how to be successful in managing international employees with different work cultures, human resource structures, and working relationships.
  • International employers and employees who seek orientation to and understanding of American culture and business practices.
  • Those who wish to meet new people, travel or work internationally, and discuss the nuances of culture to develop greater global competency.

Upcoming Global Competency Trainings:

There are not currently any upcoming workshops.

For more information about Global Competency Training, please contact Elizabeth Coerdt, Manager of Global Education, at or (216) 255-9002.

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