Bridges to the World


Bridges to the World is a series of interactive workshops that examine the key elements of global education and explore a multitude of resources for educators to foster global competence in their classrooms. The semester-long professional development program will train a cohort of educators in middle and high school classrooms to become confident instructors in global education. The initiative will offer educational resources and professional development opportunities for teachers in the realms of world affairs, geopolitical issues and U.S. foreign policy.

Participating teachers will be required to attend three workshops to evaluate and reflect upon implementation of resources in the classroom. The workshops lead a cohort of participants through the four stages of global competency, using the Asia Society framework. Participants will learn how to engage students in current events and international issues through investigating the world, recognizing the perspectives of others, communicating their ideas and taking action.

“Well done getting us moving and collaborating! I really appreciated the diversity of options and thoughtful resources provided. I plan on sharing these resources with our other staff to support cross-curricular planning and individual lessons.” – Spring 2019 Participant

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 5-768x1024.jpgBenefits for Teachers

The program will provide opportunities to:

  • Build personal relationships with colleagues from across Northeast Ohio;
  • Explore the Choices Program’s resources and approach to teaching controversial international issues and other resources that support global education; and
  • Reflect and discuss with peers how to best utilize these resources.

Participants will acquire:

  • The Choices Program Teacher’s set, lesson plans, and resources for engaging students in discussion and project-based learning;
  • 21 contact hours to be used toward Continuing Education Units (CEUs);
  • Opportunity to earn two graduate credits through Cleveland State University; and
  • Certificate of Global Understanding.
Benefits for Districts

Participating educators will:

  • Exchange information and ideas and build personal relationships with teachers across the region;
  • Form learning communities within and among districts to share knowledge that fosters 21st century learning skills and success within a global context;
  • Develop a comprehensive plan based on a selected global issue or region of the world that requires teachers to utilize resources from the program; and
  • Engage in programming aligned with the Ohio Department of Education’s focus on preparing our students for success in the 21st century.

CCWA is pleased to invite you to join our learning cohort to advance your skills in engaging students in the investigation, discussion, and action-based learning of global issues.

Fall 2019 Workshop Schedule
  • August 30, 2019: Workshop I – The Middle East
  • October 25, 2019: Workshop II – U.S.-Russia Relations
  • December 6, 2019: Workshop III – Climate Change

Workshop I Schedule: The Middle East
8:00 AM    Registration and Breakfast
8:30 AM    Introduction to Global Education
9:15 AM    Investigate the World I – The Choices Program
10:15 AM  Investigate the World II – The Middle East: Questions for U.S. Policy Unit
11:30 AM  Recognize Perspectives – Engage in the Choices Program’s Options Role Play: Rationale and Preparation
12:15 PM  Lunch provided by the Cleveland Council on World Affairs
1:00 PM    Communicate Ideas – Engage in the Choices Program’s Options Role Play: Conduct, Debrief, and Modify
1:45 PM    Take Action – Explore project-based learning resources that empower your students to support a cause (i.e., Pennies for Peace, iEarn)
2:00 PM    Content Lecture on the Middle East
3:00 PM    Evaluation and Closing

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities for Educators:

February 21, 2020 – Project-Based Learning Global Awareness Tour STEM Workshop. Find additional details and registration here.

March 6, 2020 – Immigration & Global Migration Workshop. Find additional details and registration here.

If you are interested in participating in Bridges to the World or for more information on our professional development opportunities, please contact Elizabeth Coerdt, Manager of Global Education, at or (216) 255-9002.

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