For many international visitors, their exchange program is their first trip to the United States. Many of the visitors say that their experience in an American home is the most impactful part of their program. By welcoming visitors into your home, whether it is for dinner or a long-term home stay, you are truly at the front lines of American public diplomacy.  It makes a world of difference to the visitors and provides you, your family and friends an opportunity to connect with emerging leaders from every corner of the globe.

Ways to get involved include:

  • Dinner Host: Welcome international visitors to your home for an evening of dinner and conversation with friends/family.
  • Home Stay Host: Open your home to international visitors or students for a short or extended overnight stay (2 nights to 3 weeks).
  • Host Family: Share your home with an international student for a semester or an academic year.
  • Professional Resource: Share your expertise, exchange ideas and provide a presentation about your work.

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Our International Exchange Programs

Dates: Ongoing | Type: Dinner and/or Overnight Hosting | Countries: 80+ throughout the year Click on the image above for more details.

Testimonials from Our International Exchange Hosts

kyep_reading“My wife and I have hosted international visitors in our home since 1980. Our experiences have included visitors from New Zealand, England, Germany, Serbia, Russia, Italy, South America, Japan, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Uganda, and more! We have NEVER had a bad experience. In addition, we have been privileged to visit several of these people in their home countries. We heartily recommend that people avail themselves of the opportunity to host visitors through CCWA.”
— DIANE and ED | Berea

“Our family’s lives have been enriched by the truly unique opportunity to host international guests. We would highly recommend it!”
— FRITZ and LAURENE | Avon Lake

“My experience was extra fun due to that fact that Mercedez and I teamed up with our guests and entertained as a group. This was such a positive experience for me that I plan to do it again, along with hosting a dinner in the future.”
— JANET | Olmsted Falls

“I would highly recommend anyone hosting a foreign visitor through The Cleveland Council on World Affairs. As a host I have learned about many different cultures and met some truly amazing people.”
— JULIE | Lakewood

Contact us for more information! Email or call Katie Ferman, Program Officer, at or 216-255-9008. If you’re ready to just sign-up, you can do so here.

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