CCWA Awarded Global Competence Recognition

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The Cleveland Council on World Affairs’ Global Competency Training program has been awarded a recognition for our work in promoting cross-cultural communication and sharing strategies for working in diverse teams. CCWA received the Global Competence Associates’ Global Competence Organization designation, and the Global Competence Aptitude Assessment (GCAA)® Authorized Representative recognition. Only extremely select organizations are eligible for these designations, and CCWA is the only organization in Northeast Ohio that has received this recognition.

CCWA launched its Global Competency Training program last year as part of the new Maura O’Donnell-McCarthy Center for Global Understanding. “There is a need to enhance global skills and competencies in our community. The reason that’s so important is because economic development will be increasingly global in the future. Our work is all about seeing a more globally engaged Northeast Ohio. Our goal is to increase international awareness and engagement in our community for the long-term benefit of Northeast Ohio to better compete globally,” says CCWA’s CEO Carina Van Vliet.

The Global Competency training program offers organizations opportunities to enhance their employees’ global competencies. It shares strategies for working effectively in diverse teams and improves participants’ intercultural communication skills to help them work better with partners of different cultural backgrounds. The training also draws upon CCWA’s unique expertise and international network to help program participants become globally competent citizens who can successfully work and do business in an international or culturally diverse setting.

“The training was great. It offered a different way of looking at my cultural awareness and where I fall on the various spectrums. As a global company, this is something that we all need a high-level awareness of. I never realized that culture has such an impact on business meetings. It helped me understand that I need to adapt at times,” says one of CCWA’s Global Competency Training participants.

CCWA offers a professional development workshop series Working Internationally: Global Competency for Business in March and April 2020 that is open to the public. We also offer companies, academic institutions and organizations targeted and customized programs and trainings that can be tailored to meet their employees’ or students’ specific needs or interests.

For more information about CCWA’s Global Competency Training programs, contact Elizabeth Coerdt at or (216) 255-9002.

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