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Why America Can’t Win America’s Wars: Ukraine, Afghanistan, and the Future of Conflict

Wednesday, October 19 at 5:45PM

Location: The Union Club, Wedgewood Room

At no time since World World II has the U.S. Military had a decisive and irrefutable victory in irregular warfare. John Nagl will lay out historical perspective on the past several decades of engagements with the goal of providing scenarios where a different outcome could now be achieved. Especially relevant in a time when the U.S.  military is providing support for the Ukrainian military, the lessons learned from the past could be the key to the future of armed conflict.

Dr. John Nagl is Associate Professor of Warfighting Studies in the Department of Military Strategy, Planning, and Operations at the Army War College. A West Point graduate and retired Armor officer, Nagl served in tank units in combat in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, earning his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in International Relations.


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