Public Health in the U.S.

Cleveland will host nine visitors from China to highlight the public health system in the United States and discuss health care services and disease epidemic preparedness at the national, state, and local levels. The program will highlight trends and U.S. practices in disease prevention, education, and treatment, as well as examine a range of public […]

Regional Health Challenges: Research and Remedies

From August 16 - 22, eight doctors, researchers, government officials, and NGO leaders from the Middle East and North Africa will have the opportunity to examine Cleveland's world-class health care resources and hospitals. In order to promote international cooperation in the global health community, this program will address innovations in medical technology, public health programs […]

Global Health Challenges in 2018

Zoom Webinar OH

The Cleveland Council on World Affairs is pleased to host Dr. Nizar Zein, Chairman and Medical Director of Global Patient Services at the Cleveland Clinic, for a Foreign Policy Forum on the topic of global health. Dr. Zein will explore today's top challenges in global health care and international medicine. Additionally, Dr. Zein will pay […]

Healthcare Management in the U.S.

Physicians and public healthcare proponents from Ukraine will be in Northeast Ohio to foster connections with some of Cleveland's world-renowned public and private healthcare systems. Visitors will seek to better understand public health policy development in the U.S. as well as specific health research relating to cancer treatment and pediatrics. Additional topics include state-sponsored medical […]

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