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Programs and Events

Speaker Programs
The Speaker Program Series strives to increase understanding of global issues through presenting different points of view from a variety of speakers. Through lectures and special events, CCWA presents internationally acclaimed speakers for discussion of relevant issues in today’s world. The lectures cover a broad range of geographical areas and are non-partisan in nature. The lectures are on topics of foreign policy, world economics and global issues of the day. Previous prominent speakers who have participated in special events, discussions and forums include; Chinese Ambassador H.E. Zhou Wenzhong, German Ambassador Dr. Klaus Scharioth, John C. Bogle, Paul Begala and Bill Kristol, and Kofi Anan. The lectures are open to CCWA members and to the general public.

Young Professionals
Our Young Professionals group is a lively group of local young professionals with an interest in foreign affairs. The first Wednesday of each month, the Young Professionals meet for EthniCity, where like-minded globally conscious young professionals meet and discuss international topics while tasting Cleveland's diverse cultures at a different ethnic restaurant. The Young Professionals group also takes part in a discussion series for Young Professionals called Great Decisions. The group reads as selection from the Great Decisions book and discusses it with a guest speaker.