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Immigration for Economic Success

Dr. Teitelbaum and Dr. Marshall discuss Immigration Policy
Thursday, November 29, 2012 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

"Immigration reform" is a broad subject that could go in many directions.  Many would call our current system "dysfunctional."

Among the many issues are: legal v. illegal immigration, border security, temporary guest worker visas, reform of the current legal immigration system, which heavily favors family-related immigration over skills-based immigration, to name a few.

Although these are frequently debated issues, Congress has done little to change our current laws.  Many economists feel that the U.S. needs to change the way we bring legal immigrants to the U.S, in order to improve our economy and our global competitiveness.
Our panel is called "Immigration for Economic Success."   Our two panelists will look at our current policy for legal immigration (family-related v. skilled immigrants) and give their visions for reform.

Dr. Michael Teitelbaum is a demographer and a leading expert on U.S. immigration policy.  He served as Commissioner to the U.S. Comission for the Study of International Migration and Cooperative Economic Development (1988-90) and the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform (1996-97), two of the most important commissions to look at immigration policy in recent times.  Until recently, he was Vice President at the Sloan Foundation.

Dr. Ray Marshall is a prominent labor economist.  A former Secretary of Labor, and currently Professor Emeritus at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, at the University of Texas-Austin,  he was co-founder of the Ecnomic Policy Institute.  His book, "Value Added Immigration," published in 2011, looks at lessons for the U.S. from Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, which have immigration policies designed to boost GDP and per-capita incomes.

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Location: The Union Club of Cleveland 1211 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44115