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Bridges to the World

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Bridges to the World is a unique speaker series co-sponsored by CCWA and WVIZ: ideastream, which provides students direct access to experts in foreign affairs, government officials, and international visitors at the top of their fields.

CCWA brings world-class speakers to Cleveland to benefit area teachers and students, as well as businesses and institutions. Through the Bridges to the World series, CCWA connects these speakers to schools and community groups across Ohio and the United States via distance learning technology provided by ideastream. Guests on Bridges to the World give a brief presentation to the remote audience, then take questions from sites and engage with students directly in real time. In 2012, speakers included the U.S. Ambassador to Brazil, Thomas Shannon, and the youngest sitting district governor in Afghanistan, Mr. Moh Fahim, among other distinguished guests. The inaugural Bridges to the World event this year includes Ambassador Thomas Pickering, one of America's foremost statesmen, and Ms. Jessica Mathews, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. They will discuss the timely, crucial topic of Iran-U.S. relations. 

To participate in a Bridges to the World program, schools must possess distance learning technology and be able to connect students to ideastream for the hour-long program. Cleveland area schools also have the option of attending Bridges programs live as a studio audience. CCWA and ideastream also maintain an online archive of past programs that teachers can access any time. These programs, as well as curriculum support, are provided free of charge to Northeast Ohio schools.

Contact Madeline Rife ( at CCWA or John Ramicone ( at ideastream for more information or to register for an upcoming program.

Autumn 2013 Archives
U.S. Strategy with Iran at a Critical Juncture, Amb. Thomas Pickering and Dr. Jessica Mathews, Sept. 18
       - Curriculum support, handout 1, handout 2handout 3
       - Link to archived program
The United States and the Arab Revolts, Mr. Chris Toensing, Oct. 30
       - Curriculum support, handout 1handout 2
       - Link to archived program
Cyber Security: Is it Possible?, Ms. Terry Roberts, Nov. 20
       - Curriculum support
       - Link to archived program
Arab Politics., Dr. Michael Hudson., Jan 22 
       -Curriculum support
       - Link to archived program 
U.S.-China Relations: Can Competative Cooperation Avoid Conflict?, Dr. Douglas Spelman., Feb 12 
       - Curriculum support 
       - Link to archived program coming soon