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To inspire engagement in international affairs through education, citizen diplomacy, and public dialogue.


To create a region of globally minded citizens.                                  

Our Approach                     

Developing global competence and awareness of foreign cultures, foreign languages and international relations is more important than ever.  The Cleveland Council on World Affairs works toward developing cohesive programs that address key world affairs issues that involve our community.  The Council also encourages economic development and international trade to our city and region by creating links throughout the world.

The following is a brief summary of the Council’s programs positively impacting the community:

  • The Council’s Speaker Programs are the most visible activities in the community. Our speaker events provide residents a vital forum for informed discussion and debate on world affairs and their impact on the nation and our city and region. Participants interact and are able to make personal connections throughout the world.
  • The Council is now in its 68th year for organizing Model United Nations conferences for high school and middle school students, with more than 1,200 participants and 37 schools. While the direct purpose is to educate and engage the students on an international level, the MUN conferences bring additional benefits to these students, such as enhancing communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills
  • We create learning opportunities for middle and high school students through the Bridges to the World program by having every speaker participate in a distance learning session or school visit to share their expertise and personal stories on significant global affairs topics. Students are well prepared to ask questions and discuss the relevant issues with these experts.
  • Through the State Department-sponsored International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) the Council hosts hundreds of current and emerging leaders from around the world every year.  This public diplomacy program seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations.  By arranging meetings with local professionals, international visitors, and Citizen Diplomats, the Council builds relationships between Americans and our foreign counterparts. 

CCWA is an affiliate of both the National Council of International Visitors (NCIV) and the World Affairs Councils of America WACA. Your CCWA membership entitles you to reciprocal member rates at member events of any of WACA's 96 member councils. For a list of those councils and a link to their websites and events, please click here: WACA